TIP Summit ’19 Agenda

Day 1 – Together We Build:
Community Delivering Impact



Attilio Zani
Executive Director, Telecom Infra Project

Welcome to TIP Summit ’19

As the TIP community convenes for its fourth annual summit Attilio will share his vision for the organisation and outline some of the major achievements to be highlighted over the next two days.



Axel Clauberg
TIP Chairman, VP & CTO,
T-Systems International

Keynote: Chairman’s Address

The Telecom Infra Project brings together the global community of telecom and internet industry leaders working together to bring impactful telecom technologies to market.

For our opening keynote, TIP’s Chairman, Axel Clauberg, presents the state of the union for TIP constituents and those interested in our progress. Clauberg will share TIP’s major accomplishments from the last 12 months.

You’ll hear how vendors working through TIP project groups are being rewarded through our field trial program and how TIP policies and IP frameworks stimulate significant innovation and opportunity. Plan on a few surprises as we premiere some significant TIP announcements and set the agenda for next year. Don’t miss it!



Enrique Blanco Nadales
CTIO, Systems and Network Global Director, Telefónica

Keynote: Discussing Strategy for Open Networks

Telefónica has been doing cutting edge work progressing Open Network technologies. In 2019, the company offered the first prototype of an open and convergent access network that integrates fixed and mobile, and enables Edge Computing.

OPEN is the foundation for Telefónica’s network and IT transformation strategy.

In this keynote address, Enrique Blanco Nadales, Telefonica’s Group CTIO, shares the results of early customer experiences with their new Open RAN and Open Transport Network initiatives. He will discuss how the projects Telefónica have been driving in the TIP community are starting to scale and demonstrate the advantages of disaggregated network technologies.

Hear how this major industry player relies on the Telecom Infra Project to play a key role to bring together many industry players to move from ideas to commercial solutions.



Miguel Marin
Technology Director, Vodafone

Keynote: OpenRAN Trial Update

Last year at TIP Summit, Vodafone laid out some bold plans for their OpenRAN trials with support of TIP member companies. The trials were aimed at testing the operational and commercial models at scale and have yielded encouraging results.

Miguel Marin, Technology Director at Vodafone, presents how the trials in Turkey, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mozambique have progressed, and the economic opportunities the trials are yielding. In addition, you’ll hear about their early work deploying High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS) as the company continues to drive innovation to support rural environments.

Finally, you’ll get an insight into the 5G Crowd Cell solution that Vodafone is demonstrating at TIP Summit.



David del Val Latorre 
TIP Board Member, CEO, Research & Development, Telefónica Core Innovation

Keynote: A Perspective from Telefónica

David presents experiences from the successful trials of their solutions developed in partnership with the TIP community over the past 12 months.

He will also take a look forward to upcoming trials and discuss the growing catalog of TIP solutions being trialed and deployed across Latin America.

Learn about the stack used to empower Internet Para Todos in Peru’s Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, how Telefónica is improving operational efficiencies supporting workforce transformation by adopting CI/CD best practices in Madrid, and a look towards future testing of HAPS solutions.



Yago Tenorio
TIP Board Member, Head of Network Strategy & Architecture, Vodafone

Keynote: Yago Tenorio

Vodafone’s OpenRAN solutions are being rolled out across Europe and are setting the foundation for 5G implementations.

Attend this keynote to hear from Vodafone’s Head of Network Strategy, Yago Tenorio, share insights about their upcoming DCSG trials, the new markets targeted for OpenRAN 4G implementation, and Disaggregated Cell Site Gateways.

Yago will also give us a look into future technologies for optical networks and relay architecture, and provide insights into their recent Open RAN 5G Request For Information (RFI) to help you better understand and explore the existing market opportunities for technologies based on OpenRAN principles.



Panel: The Disaggregated Network – DCSG

Luis MartinGarcia, Co-lead OOPT DCSG, Telecom Infra Project, Moderator
Christoph Glingener, CTO, Adva Optical Networking
Parthiban Kandappan, CTO, Infinera
George Tchaparian, CEO, Edgecore Networks

Operators have worked together to define key 4G/5G technology working with the industry to create technology in a different way. This session illuminates the Operator’s journey, from an idea to real tech that will get deployed, using TIP.

Disaggregated networks embody several levels of collaboration: Collaboration between operators, collaborating between vendors, and, collaboration between operators and vendors. DCSG, the first disaggregated whitebox routing technology to power operator access sites and lower TCO is a shining example of this type of collaboration.

In this session, you will hear from OEMs/ODMs about the progress DCSGs have made over the past 12 months. This is your opportunity to learn from key innovators in the DCSG space about new products that have been developed, challenges that have been encountered, and experience gained from field trials experiences deploying the new technology as part of their core strategy for IP and Optical networks.






Panel: LatAm Regional Discussion

Giovani Prado Siqueira , Head of TIP Technology LATAM, Facebook, Moderator
João Gabriel Aleixo, Technology and Innovation Specialist, TIM Brasil
Alberto Paradisi, Corporate Strategy Director, CPqD
William Kamizaki, Network Technology Manager, Claro Brasil
Agostinho Villela, Director of Innovation LATAM, IBM

In this session, the panelists will discuss the Telecom Industry landscape in Latin America. Open architectures and disaggregated solutions will impact connectivity in the region and Community Labs can contribute to building a vibrant ecosystem.

Discuss how TIP can accelerate time to market, latest projects and achievements, how System Integrators will help to scale and address challenges such as Cyber Security, TCO etc.



Panel: Access Redefined: RAN in the Real World

Gabriel Brown, Industry Analyst, Heavy Reading, Moderator
Steve Papa, CEO, Parallel Wireless
Pardeep Kohli, CEO, Mavenir
Ike Elliott, Chief Strategy Officer and SVP of Strategy & Innovation, Cable Labs
Caroline Chan, VP, Data Center Group, Intel
Sarvesh Raj Sharma, VP & Global Head Access Business Development, Tech Mahindra

The telecom industry is excited about Disaggregated RAN solutions that are mature, being deployed at scale and bring significant savings in operational costs. Vendors and operators at the forefront of the industry have been collaborating closely to develop disaggregated RAN solutions.

This panel presents market leading vendors sharing their experiences, challenges, what they have delivered and where they go from here. Topics of discussion include; visions for disaggregated RAN infrastructure (2G through 5G), lessons learned from large scale trials, which operators are committing to large scale OpenRAN deployments, and how TIP is improving the RAN economics.



Panel: Collaborative Ideation

Julius Kusuma, Research Scientist, Facebook, Moderator
Michael Luby, Research Director, International Computer Science Institute
John Wawrzynek, Professor, UC Berkeley Wireless Research Center
Luis Mendo, Professor, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

It is well-known that academic research has strong potential to create disruptive technologies and incubate innovation. TIP working groups represent a unique opportunity to inspire relevant early-stage academic research that feed into real world use cases.

With Operators and OEMs having limited R&D resources, close collaboration with university researchers starting from ideation, and continuing through execution and technology transfer, presents an attractive framework for collaboration.

This session will showcase several examples of university partners working on collaborative research projects that are inspired by, and contribute to, TIP Project Group including MMW channel measurement and modeling, WiFi mesh modeling and optimization, and Microwave planning for rural backhaul.




Mansoor Hanif
CTO, Ofcom

Keynote: Mansoor Hanif

Ofcom is taking a leadership role in the deployment of modern and neutral host networks with a focus on ensuring that there is robust and affordable connectivity everywhere, from dense urban through ultra rural parts of the UK.

Ofcom is looking to support ISPs, Commercial Property Owners, Government Agencies, NGOs, Equipment Vendors, SIs and other related ecosystem participants in coming together to develop, pilot and prove that allocation of spectrum for indoor connectivity is a viable approach for enabling sustainable business models for ubiquitous indoor connectivity. TIP’s portfolio and community are a strong fit for this emerging need.

Attend this session to hear from an industry leader how policy makers are approaching connectivity challenges from ultra-rural to dense urban segments, and how the TIP community can participate in and amplify these efforts.



TIP Ecosystem Acceleration Centers (TEAC)

Wim Van Thillo, CEO, Pharrowtech

Hear Case Studies from TIP’s Ecosystem Acceleration Center Startups. What are the challenges and opportunities faced in the Telecom world and how can the approach offered by the TEAC program help.



Renan Ruiz

Keynote: Rural Connectivity Challenges

Internet Para Todos, the world’s first country-scale, neutral-host mobile service provider servicing hard to reach rural areas, is rolling out 4G networks in some very challenging environments in Peru.

IpT demonstrates a scale Network as a Service business model, which is the next evolution in lowering CapEx and OpEx through sharing. Carriers have shared towers and backhaul for years.

IpT is further lowering costs by creating a shared access network using lower cost technology to enable LTE coverage in remote rural areas. This is a real example of innovation in action. Attend this keynote address to learn about the new business models IpT has adopted and some of the policies that have been put in place to enable this exciting project.



Lightning Talk: 60GHz Channel Sounder Program – Bridging the gap between Industry and Academia

Nada T. Golmie, PhD, Chief of Wireless Networks Division, NIST, Moderator
Abhimanyu Gosain, Technical Program Director, PAWR Project Office, Northeastern University
Brecht De Beelde, PhD Researcher, Ghent University
Anatolij Zubow, PhD, Head of Group bei Telecommunication Networks Group, Technische Universität Berlin

TIP launched a Channel Sounder Program to define and characterize the propagation tendencies and performance of 60GHz. Through the program, TIP has enabled innovative research from universities, and helped shape a unique bridge between academia, government, and the telecom industry.

The program has yielded promising and interesting results supporting the use of 60GHz, relating both to traditional telecom usage and non-traditional use cases, industrial IoT and location-aided mmWave backhaul management for UAV-based aerial cells.

The outcomes of this program will be the creation of a 60GHz Channel Model for Outdoor Propagation, lead by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, to further support the adoption of 60GHz by traditional MNOs. This panel will discuss new applications, use cases and the channel propagation model coming out of the Channel Sounder Program.



Panel: Non-Traditional Approaches to Connectivity

Andrew Ma, Connectivity Program Manager, Facebook, Moderator
Jason Lund, Executive Managing Director, CBRE
Sidney Roberts, Director, Airband, Engineering, Microsoft
Al Jenkins, Former Deputy Commissioner of Telecommunications, City of New York
Lynn Martin, COO, Gigamonster

The telecommunications landscape is continuously evolving in terms of new technology and policy changes which give rise to a new set of market opportunities.

This panel will explore the new opportunities and challenges for providing connectivity in urban centers, indoor enterprise environments, community spaces and rural segments.

Topics include: What is the Fourth Utility, key initiatives cities undertake to address accessibility, affordability and adoption in underserved communities, and the role of connectivity in improving citizen engagement.

Panelists will provide an update on the current competitive landscape within their respective segments and how TIP can play a role in helping to scale their efforts.



Panel: OEM Perspectives on the mmWave Opportunity

In this panel, vendors will discuss the market for outdoor mmWave connectivity solutions. Vendors on this panel have all committed to releasing unlicensed mmWave solutions which leverage mesh. They will share their perspectives on the market opportunity, challenges, and outlook for this combination of technologies.



Lightning Talks: Solving Connectivity Challenges in Urban Environments​

Wing K. Lee, CEO, YTL Communications
Grace Chen, Co-Founder & Head of Product, Common Networks
Durga Satapathy, Director, Technology Innovation & Architecture, Sprint

Urban environments face some very specific challenges in providing or enhancing connectivity. Attend this session to learn how mmWave networks can help meet the technical and commercial goals for fixed access and mobile access in licensed and unlicensed spectrum respectively.

Our panel of experts will discuss the value proposition of mmWave networks in their different use cases. Examine the unique opportunities and challenges in deploying in urban environments and share the benefits received by participating in the mmWave Networks Project Group and the TIP Community Labs.



Panel: Open Cellular Deep Dive

OpenCellular is an active TIP project featuring multiple partners collaborating to build open-source e2e ultra rural solutions. Attend this session to learn how your organization can partner with OpenCellular on upcoming projects such as PAWSC standard adoption and implementation, and how you can participate in our mission to connect people in deep rural settings using e2e solution.



Tareq Amin
CEO, Rakuten Mobile

Dan Rabinovitsj
VP, Facebook

Fireside Chat: Update on Rakuten Mobile

In this fireside chat, Facebook’s Dan Rabinovitsj interviews Tareq Amin about the launch of Rakuten Mobile, and examines the benefits of taking a disaggregated approach to the network design and how the project will scale globally.

Rakuten represents an excellent case study of how to build a cloud-based network that optimizes operational efficiencies.


The conversation will touch on key policy aspects such as tradeoffs in releasing spectrum in various approaches and how Rakuten was able to provision dark fiber at very competitive rates.

Gain insight into how a fully disaggregated network can be built and the efficiencies that it can deliver from an industry leader who has turned the vision of a disaggregated network into an economically viable reality.



Attilio Zani
Executive Director, Telecom Infra Project

Closing Remarks



Together We Celebrate!

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After an information-packed first day of TIP Summit presentations and demonstrations, it’s time to celebrate! Join your fellow attendees, conference speakers, exhibitors, and the event team for some social networking at our Day 1 Happy Hour.

Day 2 – Together We Build:
Solutions for Connectivity Challenges



Attilio Zani
Executive Director, Telecom Infra Project

Welcome to Day 2



Dan Rabinovitsj
VP, Facebook

Ray Le Maistre
Editor-in-Chief, Light Reading

Fireside Chat: Building Networks and Industries of the Future

Join a discussion with Facebook’s VP of Connectivity, Dan Rabinovitsj, and Light Reading’s Editor-In-Chief, Ray Le Maistre, to learn more about Facebook’s connectivity efforts.

In this discussion, Ray and Dan will discuss updates from Facebook announced at TIP Summit and discuss ways the company is working as a member of the TIP community to improve global internet access.



David Hutton
Chief Engineer, Telecom Infra Project

Keynote: A New Way of Building Together

This session presents how TIP’s Community Labs have helped accelerate the development of new telecom tech solutions, enable shared learnings – even across traditional competitors – and helps accelerate progress/time to market.

The result of these efforts minimize testing costs and collectively identify new opportunities across product segments. David Hutton, TIP’s Chief Engineer, shares the road for programs and shares some exciting announcements to extend the communities reach and resources.

Take a journey of fast technology incubation through TIP’s technology validation efforts and see what opportunities are available for your organization.



Panel: Disaggregated Cell Site Gateway Ecosystem Update

Hans-Juergen Schmidtke, Co-Chair OOPT, Telecom Infra Project
Victor López, PhD, Technology Expert, Telefónica
José Antonio Gómez, Senior Optical and SDN Transport Architect, Vodafone
João Gabriel Aleixo, Technology and Innovation Specialist, TIM Brasil
Michel Oulette, Network Engineering, Facebook

This session presents a detailed update on TIP’s Disaggregated Cell Site Gateways (DCSG) initiatives, offering perspectives from the leading operators and vendors producing DCSG solutions.

You’ll hear about the engineering validation work being carried out via TIP Community Labs and gain insight as to how the technology is rapidly maturing.



Panel: Service Provider WiFi

Susan Welsh De Grimaldo, Director, Strategy Analytics, Moderator
Fritz-Joachim Westphal, Program Manager, T-Systems, Deutsche Telekom
Bhanu Durvasula, Vice President, Engineering, Hughes Network Systems
Jason Lund, Executive Managing Director – Americas, CBRE
Lorcan Burke, Chairperson, Thinksmarter

Though a significant investment in innovation has been made towards improving and securing the enterprise use case, WiFi has been offered by service providers and operators as a best-effort service to consumers.

However, as consumers depend more on WiFi-enabled devices, operators look at tackling spectrum congestion via offloading cellular traffic to WiFi, and service providers increasingly leverage WiFi spectrum for ‘last-hauling’, it is becoming critical to offer “carrier-grade” services through WiFi.

Fortunately, increased computational capability of the WiFi APs, the new WiFi 6 air interface and advances in cloud computing provide great opportunities to enhance user experience and value of WiFi connectivity. This panel brings together WiFi service providers serving different segments of the market (MNO, ISP, Satellite, Real Estate) to discuss how they see the evolution of challenges and opportunities for WiFi.

The panelists will highlight how they are working with TIP to solve these problems and the opportunities for TIP’s WiFi Project Group to transform the supply chain.



Panel: Open Optical & Packet Transport Deep Dive

Victor López, PhD, Technology Expert, Telefónica
Jeff Catlin, VP of Technology, Edgecore
Toshiya Mobuchi, Senior Network Developer, MIXI
Geraldine Francia, Transport Network Planning Manager, Telefónica
José Antonio Gómez, Senior Optical and SDN Transport Architect, Vodafone
Anders Lindgren, Transmission Strategies Manager, Telia Sonera International Carrier

Hear from a panel of operators and vendors about the work they are doing in the OOPT group in TIP and how it is being leveraged to address real world challenges.



Vincent Gonguet
Product Manager, Facebook

Keynote: Connectivity Analytics

There is no single solution that can address the challenges of connecting the next 3.8 billion people and improving the experiences of those already connected. 

Facebook is building programs, partnerships, and technologies designed to increase the availability, affordability, and awareness of higher quality internet access.


TIP Summit is focused on showcasing and talking about solutions to solve for the various connectivity challenges that we currently face. Vincent Gonguet, Product Manager at Facebook, demonstrates several examples of how data can help us to measure the progress the TIP community is having on the path to global, ubiquitous connectivity. From using data to evaluate the progress in connecting rural areas, to predicting user experience gains when densifying urban networks, to accelerating fiber deployment in cities, Vincent will share a data analyst perspective on measuring the improvement and impact TIP innovations are achieving in the world.



Panel: Solving Rural Challenges with Network as a Service (NaaS)

Roger Greene, Rural Connectivity, Facebook, Moderator
Bo White, VP Specialized and Asset Finance, Macquarie
Gayan Pradeep Koralage, Chief Strategy Officer, Edotco
Juan Campillo, Director, Connectivity Innovation, Telefónica

Today’s urban networks and tech do not work in rural. We need new business and operating models and new tech built from the ground up, offering the right features and specs, simplicity, automation, and lower cost.

While the big three continue to focus on urban markets, TIP is fuelling the tech innovation that will enable the networks of the future to solve rural connectivity across the globe.



Panel: RAN Technology Deep Dive

Durga Satapathy, Director Technology Innovation & Architecture, Sprint
Richard Mackenzie, Principal Researcher, BT
Joey Padden, Principal Architect, Cablelabs
R Ezhirpavai, VP Technology, Altran
Andy Dunkin, Senior Manager, Mobile Access Centre of Excellence, Vodafone

A panel of industry experts will take a deep dive in to key technologies in the RAN space. Hear how real challenges are being addressed.

The session will focus on deployment use cases for disaggregated RAN, the status of RAN trials (VF/OpenRAN, BT/vRAN), the maturity of the technology and solutions, and the progress towards an open 5G RAN.



Panel: Smart City: Significance of Street Assets in Connecting a City

David Sumi, VP of Marketing, Siklu
Colin Read, VP, Business Development, Common Networks
Mark Reudink, VP, Product Development, Crown Castle

The panel will show how the development of guidelines for the city and the solution provider, and the development of reference designs for street assets through TIP will facilitate and accelerate the deployment of urban network.


Our panel tackles the considerations for deployment of mmWave networks in an urban environment and explain how these considerations are addressed through the TIP mmWave Networks Smart City Connectivity track, and its work in developing a reference design for street furniture and identifying best practices for city governments and solution providers.

Attend this session to understand how the development of (1) guidelines for the city and the solution provider and (2) the development of reference designs for street assets through TIP will facilitate and accelerate the deployment of urban mmWave networks.



David Hutton
Chief Engineer, Telecom Infra Project

Keynote: TIP Chief Engineer’s Call to Action

David will review the key announcements from the summit so far and look what the future holds for the TIP community. What does the next 12 months hold in store and the call to action for members.






Women in Telecom Tech Lunch

Sponsored by STL

Dr. Anne-Marie Imafidon, CEO, STEMettes, Moderator
Grace Chen, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer, Common Networks
Dr. Zara Nanu, CEO, Gapsquare
Cait Campos, Program Manager, Facebook
Amy Wettenhall, Associate Director, Macquarie

Join us for an inspiring lunch where you will hear from a panel of women leaders in the telecom industry who have driven innovation in the sector. The panel will share how they are delivering successful projects from a unique perspective.



Panel: The Reality of Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

José Núñez-Martínez, Senior Technology Expert, Core Innovation, Telefónica
Vivek Tiwary, VP of Core & OSS Business Units, TechMahindra

CI/CD is both a technical and process challenge. In this session, we will describe the realities of building infrastructure and developing the tools and processes to transform the concept into reality.

The evolution toward virtualization transforms the way both equipment vendors and telecom operators work.

As service providers’ solutions become more disaggregated, the infrastructure will be more software driven. Software in this case refers to both the actual code of virtual network functions (VNFs) and models describing the infrastructure and execution environments hosting this code.

Creation of next generation continuous integration and continuous deployment within service provider infrastructure not only helps in acceleration of new technology, but also lowers the cost of operation and maintenance of the network. Attend this session for practical advice for adapting CI/CD frameworks for your DevOP processes.



Panel: Building an Open WiFi System for Communication Service Providers

Shah Rahman, Software Engineering Manager, Facebook, Moderator
Trevor Miranda, CTO, Cambium
Adam Hotchkiss, Co-Founder & VP, Product, Plume
Jim Mains, CEO, Shoelace
Sebastiano Bertani, CEO, Tanaza

Although there are several types of Communications Service Providers (CSPs), including MNOs, MSOs, ISPs etc, for every one of these organizations, WiFi is an integral part of its core business. However, the WiFi solutions currently available on the market for CSPs are either consumer-grade access points (which cannot deliver required quality of service) or enterprise-grade proprietary WiFi systems (which require a high-level of expertise to operate and manage).

Both result in high total cost of ownership (TCO), through high opex (e.g. dealing with high volume of customer service requests and tech call-out to fix issues) and/or high capex. More importantly, proprietary WiFi solutions slow down the pace of innovation, limit CSPs’ ability to tailor networks and creates vendor lock-ins.

The WiFi Project Group (PG) within TIP is solving this problem by building an Open WiFi System optimized for CSP use cases including in-home, multi dwelling unit (MDU), and public/communal deployments. This panel brings together vendors who are working together, within the TIP WiFi Project Group, to enable CSPs to provide better, faster, cheaper WiFi connectivity to their customers. Learn about the contributions OEM partners have made to the WiFi Project Group and obtain insights on upcoming products.



Panel: Technology Challenges and Needs for NaaS Operators

Renan Ruiz, CTO, IPT Peru
Michael Darcy, CEO, Africa Mobile Networks

NaaS partners building networks in rural areas are under enormous cost and operational pressure to ensure good service to customers at the same time as running a sustainable business. This panel presents NaaS trailblazers, sharing their current operational and technical challenges as they drive more scale and increase data adoption.

Topics covered include Multi Tenant RAN, addressing backhaul challenges, effective OSS scaling, and interoperability with Mobile Network Operator networks. The session will also present a frank discussion of how TIP can support NaaS partners in the areas of taxes, policy and logistics.



Panel: Open Box Microwave

OEMs will share their vision of collaboration with TIP community for an Open Box Microwave solution and how this effort is aligned with their road map and business models.


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Standard ticket prices
increase November 13th


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